with what just happened i guess i would like to address something ive wanted to for a while….. i see a lot of my followers with ‘13’ in their names and ive creeped on a lot of your blogs and seen a lot of only13 or i support 13 as group 15 as a family or some shit like that and thats just another way of excluding them. saying they are good enough for a subunit but not the real thing.

i just want to take this opportunity to say please unfollow me. this is not a place for you.

i dont even understand why you would be following me tbh. i do not support  13 in any variant. i dont support the way you think you can treat zhou mi and henry. and i dont support the way you think you can bully the other members into silence. how dare you call yourselves fans. you are just a bunch of petty little girls who do nothing but make things harder for the group you supposedly love. how can you all be so selfish and heartless?

henry’s solo has NOTHING to do with super junior yet you still cant let his fans be happy? you cant let his friends be happy for him? you have to go out of your way to bash him, why? are you jealous? because you should be. your precious super junior loves him more than they will ever love you. wanna know why? because you are mistreating their friend and you are mistreating them.

i want to be able to proudly call myself an everlasting friend but i cant because of people like you. people i wish i could call my friends. people i wish would grow up and get rid of the hate in their hearts. isnt it hard living like this? living to make others miserable?

so for now i can only truly call myself a mitang. someday, someday i hope the dark part of this fandom will see the light and after 5 years its hard not to give up hope but zhou mi and henry have held out this long, 5 years of hatred and they never gave up, how can you not admire them? if it were any of us could we have done it?

henry’s solo album is going to be brilliant. he has enough talent to succeed even with all the hate. and i cant wait to see him up on that stage in the spot light where he belongs.

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    This. Basically. If you are only13, or 13+2, or in any kind of mindset where you think M is not part of SJ, or not equal...
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